If you have a small business, you are still going to require a website, especially if you are trying to build up a web based clientele. Small business website design is not difficult; in fact there are several sites from where you can obtain free or paid web design formats.

However, the small business website design should avoid some obvious mistakes and be utilitarian in nature. This means that the design should be effective enough to actually attract browsers and convert them into paying customers.

Some basic services that you can use for small business website design

Here are a few examples of the basic services that you can use to create your own small business website design. These are:

  • Moonfruit is one of the leading free website host and editor. You choose a theme which can be changed later and then use the various tools of the site editor to customize your page. As soon as you save all the changes, your website is ready to go live.
  • You can also use the Weebly online website editor. It comes both in paid and free version. The drag and drop site editor helps you to first design the page and then choose a theme.
  • Another similar service is Qapacity where you first add your service and its description to the provider’s own social group and then build your website with premade themes or CSS language.

Things to remember about small business website design

There are several points you have to keep in mind when you aim to design a successful website for a small business. These are as follows:

  • The website must look professional as a slip shod work is not going to win consumer confidence. It may be DIY but it should not look so.
  • Content and its presentation are vital points in small business website design. It must be real and detailed, but should not be so overwhelming that the reader skips it. The language should be easy. It is best to break down the content into manageable chunks using subheadings and white space. Pay close attention to spelling, grammar. Size of letters and spacing. The website should not appear cluttered.
  • While designing your website for small business, you have to keep the factors of SEO ranking in mind. Try to design your website in such a way that your website ends up with a high page rank. Consider some SEO tips to place your website high.
  • Use a good web hosting service for your small business website. Though there are several free web hosting companies which are great to start with, you should later invest in some paid web hosting services if you want to improve the business presence of your company.
  • Navigation is another important point to remember when you go for small business website design. Your website must be easy to navigate. Prominent icons for navigation and logically grouped links are essential.

Finally, a small business web design must include a strong and clear call to action if it aims to create paying consumers.