You would be hard pressed to find any car owner out there that didn’t love to give their pride and joy a good scrubbing every once in a while – and the modern car wash has made it easier than ever to do just that. Super simple to operate and amazingly inexpensive, this is the kind of service you can count on to produce instant results and get your car looking fresh and new again. And while it might seem like an obvious piece of the marketing puzzle, you would be surprised how many people get their car wash logo design wrong.

One of the simplest businesses to own in the world, you can have your results shoot through the roof if you keep your car wash logo design simple, clean, and above all else very noticeable

If you’re looking to boost the business of your local car wash, you need to be smart about the new car wash logo design you choose to put on your signage – nothing could be more influential in grabbing the attention of new customers and getting them to come into the car wash. While there are a million and one different directions that a top of the line designer could go when building you a new car wash logo design, there are a couple of things that cannot be ignored if you want to see your business go up.

The first thing is that the design itself needs to be clean and easily readable. We’re talking about a business that is all about removing the crud and gunk off your prized possession, and the last thing we’ll trust to help us do that is a car wash that seems like it has crud and gunk on its signage. Make sure you keep your car wash logo design congruent with the service you are providing.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when looking for the next car wash logo design for your shop – this isn’t a doctor’s office, and if you can engage with people in a friendly but professional way you’ll hit the sweet spot and see business skyrocket

The next thing you’ll want to do is make sure that you’ve created a car wash logo design that is exciting and large enough to be eye catching and really draw people in – this is as much of an impulse buy as anything else, and you really need to suck people into your service to build a business. Don’t be afraid of big, bold designs and crazy colors when you are looking for a new car wash logo design.