You’re probably reading this blog either because you have a website or you’re developing one. Designing and developing a business or personal website is only half of the job. Of course, we make websites to set them free on the web and not let them sit on our own computers. While it is fun to create a website, many worry about hosting it and it isn’t really a decision you should make lightly.
Before we go any further, let us first define what web hosting is. Web hosting allows you to make your websites, business or personal, accessible via the World Wide Web. This makes web hosting a vital component for your business or personal website. Of course, you want your website to be available 24/7 but issues can crop up from time to time. What are these issues? These problems include logging into your account, accessing email, adding extra domain names, and insufficient bandwidth. In order to avoid these problems, you must find a good web hosting company to address these and provide support and maintenance. So you’re already in the lookout for the best web hosting company, but have you defined the things you must consider before even making a decision? To make things easier, we have outlined below the important factors and features to look for in a web host.

  • How much disk space do you get?
  • How many email accounts are provided?
  • Do they support POP and IMAP?
  • Do they offer domain name registration and how much?
  • What’s the cost on a monthly basis?
  • What security features are they offering?
  • Do they offer 24/7 support and maintenance?

These are just few of the questions you need answered to ensure that you get the best web hosting service. At Innonline Solution, we understand that your website is very important that’s why we provide you with various hosting solutions tailored to fit your needs and requirements. Innonline Solution is not just a web development and design company. We offer full suite of web hosting packages that will help you grow your online exposure, brand awareness, and lead generation initiatives.
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