For this week’s blog entry, we are going to discuss the significant phases in our Web Design and Development service. In today’s competitive business landscape, it is important to have a service methodology. Here in Innonline Solution, we have a healthy and proven design and development methodology that greatly differentiates us from our competitors. Whether you require a radio station design, an ice cream logo design, or looking for a website design companies Preston; our methodology is proven and tested to meet and even exceed your expectations, helping you increase your business’ online presence.

Our methodology involves a 7-step process. These are:
1. Scoping of Requirements
This is the first and foremost step in our web design and development methodology in which client information and requirements are collected. We take this phase very seriously as this helps us offer a high quality service to our clients.

2. Website Analysis
This step involves analysis of the gathered requirements. In this stage, all client requirements and information are made clear and consistent, analyzed and documented. If necessary, we even develop a mock- up design based on the client’s requirements, to be presented for their suggestions.

3. Website Design
This is the stage where we discuss the web design. This is where we present the graphics, flash and other elements that can be used in the development and design of a website. Of course, as experts in this field, we always prioritize the needs and requirements of our clients. Thus, the design must go hand in hand with what our clients need and prefer. We always take into consideration the client’s demands and decisions with regards to the site’s design and functionality.

4. Web development
This phase includes the creation of a simple web page up to the most complex web application. This also includes content development, client/ server side scripting, and security. Only professionally experienced developers can perform the said tasks, and only Innonline Solution can deliver to the promise of exceeding our client’s expectations.

5. Coding
Coding involves methods such as designing, writing, testing and debugging. This phase in site design and development is important as this set out the instructions to be used in various computer operations. Coding, of course, involves different programming languages. Our efficient and skilled programmers/ developers decide which programming language to utilize. When deciding which language the site must be developed, we take into consideration factors such as usability, reliability, efficiency, performance and maintenance.

6. Testing
After all the design and development have been carried out, it is imperative to perform a website testing. As experts in this field, we perform rigorous testing to ensure that all functionalities are working properly. Our testing service includes integration testing, stress testing, load testing, resolution testing, and browser compatibility testing.

7. Website Updates and Maintenance
The final step in our web design and development methodology is updates and maintenance. In this phase, we offer website content update and enhancements. Lastly, in this phase, our clients are ensured that their websites are maintained constantly.