The logo is the key element of your company’s corporate branding and identity. It is the visual representation of your business to your target market. The importance of having a good logo design is undeniable because the way your target market perceives your brand is highly dependent on the image your company portrays. Logos are also used as an identifier, by which your brand is recognized — differentiating your products and services from the others. An effective logo design will help you to inspire and establish loyalty, trust and admiration among your consumers. It does not only help you convey what your company does, but what it stands for.

Here are important principles that every logo should encompass:

Simple. It is important to create logos that can be easily recognized by your target market – the fewer the elements, the easier it is for your target market to distinguish you from the others.good logo design

Memorable. Your logo should leave a lasting impression on your target market. Remember that the goal of an effective logo is to create a relationship between a symbol and what it stands for.

Timelessness. In order for your logo to be memorable, it must also remain unchanged – even with changes in design aesthetics and popular preferences. Updates are considered appropriate but never compromise the logo’s integrity.

Versatile. When creating a logo, put in mind that it should function across a variety of different media and applications. Will it look good on a website header, billboard, or a company t-shirt?

Appropriate. Your logo should take into account the kind of audience you wish to target.

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