Social media marketing continues to be an active and progressive marketing trend online this 2014. It helps promote a business and establish its image to online users. This is accomplished through continuously executing effective social media techniques to acquire more clients and retain them in a long run. If you want to be advanced on your social media marketing techniques this 2014, take note of the following:

1. Emphasize the power of sharing

Getting hundreds and thousands of likes in a span of few minutes is a promising marketing scheme. What more with shares? Just by posting a photo, text or video, you can catch the attention of the social media community and lead them to sharing this information.

In this note, the social media user becomes the online marketer of your business campaign online. This makes it easier on your part since the distribution is handled already. However, this possibility lies on the power of your campaign. Therefore, ensure to assess and analyze as many times as possible before posting on your social media business page. In this way, you’ll know if it’s effective or a poor marketing strategy.

2. Bridge in traditional and modern marketing

Social media phenomena capture media. As it draws attention, it gives television programs new things to talk about. In here, TV and social media complement one another to make a particular campaign even more famous. This, then, makes a particular social media campaign powerful and definitely effective. Again, this is made possible after careful assessment and strategy planning. You cannot achieve a phenomenon without carefully considering what will tickle the online community or your target market.

3. Convert audiences to paying customers

By staying proactive on Facebook and Twitter, you can engage more people and convert them into paying customers. How is this possible? Use social media sites to promote your products and services. This will catch the attention of people who are interested in what you are offering.

In addition, you can sell more through announcing your current promos and discounts online. Post photos, information and even videos to trigger their interests. Most online users, especially on Facebook, look for entertaining things on their news feed. What are these things? These are new, refreshing and things that they haven’t seen yet. Take advantage of the power of social media in getting more customers.

4. Use social media as business platform

This year, social media sites have become a more effective platform wherein you can start a business. As a matter of fact, there are online sellers that people follow on Facebook. Acquisition of clients, negotiations and transactions can be conducted through this popular social media site. In its ten years of prominence online, Facebook has helped online sellers and business marketers to be productive and earners with their own ideas and skills. Second in line, Twitter recently added a business promotion feature. With these innovations, you can easily promote a trending topic and tweet about your business.

5. Expect more social media campaigns

Social media will continue to be useful to a wide range of businesses. From small- to large-scale businesses, social media sites help promote products and services with its strong and stable user community. More so, it brings a tougher and more competition from different companies. That being said, there is more pressure in hunting the online community and turning them into loyal customers.

These promising social media marketing trends require both financial and strategic investment. Though it seems easy, it takes proper planning, decision-making and handling to make this effective.

As it continues to be a powerful medium to market your business, marketers and businessmen should use it efficiently. However, it shouldn’t be overused or abused. There should be a fine limit or a balance on how businesses and marketers incorporate their marketing strategies through social media sites, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube. The aforementioned sites are just few of the popular social media sites that people know. But with the popularity of this medium, people should expect more or new social media sites that will dominate this year.

In the end, it is all about using social media properly and efficiently. Any business can benefit from this medium greatly depending on their plans, goals, strategies and actions.