Social media marketing has not only affected everyone’s personal lives but also in terms of our profession. We cannot be too relaxed in what we share online. Anything that we like and share can describe and judge us entirely.

But aside from personal use, social media sites have become an effective medium for businesses to engage and interact with prospects and clients online. Basically, any business can use and create a social media profile without paying anything. Whether you’re just a start-up company or an established one already, you can use this platform equally. However, the game changes on how you use the social media to market your business.

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There are many businesses who have delved into social media marketing in order to acquire and retain more clients. As a result, they continue to have more sales and be noticed by their target market. But how do you use social media correctly? What are the most common mistakes that you shouldn’t be doing in social media marketing?

1)      Marketing with no direction

Every marketing move has to have planning session wherein concepts, ideas, processes and methodologies are discussed. Marketing people will suggests each and everyone’s opinion and later on arrive at a plan that will be the reference to one’s task or responsibility. In this case, it applies the same thing. Social media marketing requires a strategic plan, clear process and definite goal.

2)      Regularity of posting

Social media marketing is all about frequency. You need to make your audience feel that you’re active and always online. This is manifested through the regularity of sharing links, news, photos, ideas and videos.

3)      Lack of interaction

Your marketing doesn’t stop from merely posting and sharing all these interesting facts about your business. Once in a while, depending on your social media marketing milestone, you need to respond to comments and engage to likers.

4)      Holding and sustaining the interests

Once you started engaging with your viewers, you need to evaluate their interests. What makes them active on your social media page? You hold on to these interests and sustain it as well. These interests will be your basis on the next topics that you’ll share on your social media pages.

5)      Lack of creativity

Along the way, you will need to constantly catch the attention of the online community. There are many competitors out there and they can snatch away your prospects and clients in an instant. Therefore, creativity is a must. You must be creative in what you post. For this instance, you can share images and videos that are entertaining and one of a kind.

6)      Undermining competitors

You don’t have to ignore your competitors. It works best if you know what they are doing and capable of doing. In this way, you will be able to identify your status. Can you beat what they are currently doing online? Do you think they use the best strategies to get more likes and followers online? Learn and study what your competitors are doing.

7)      Mishandling negativity

It is inevitable to encounter negative feedbacks on your social media pages. You cannot avoid it because it is normal. Once you get more likes and popularity online, chances are people will notice you and in this instance they will look for loopholes and faults that they want to share to others. In this case, you need to respond and handle this negativity accordingly. It’s best to be professional at all times.

8)      Ignoring the clicks, likes and data

Isn’t it a big lack on your social media marketing strategy if you don’t keep track of your hits online? How many likes have you gotten since the start? How many followers do you have right now? What is your plan in the coming weeks? How many likes and followers are you looking at having by the end of the year?

9)      Paying fake likes and testimonies

Even though you can fake the number of likes and followers you have online, people have gone smarter to finding out if this is a marketing strategy or a real one. It is obvious if you pay for your fanbase and biased testimonies from fake customer profiles. Natural or organic ways of gaining likes and followers is a more effective way to establish a strong presence online.