We’ve already explained how important it is for businesses to get into the top page rankings, so now it’s time to tell them how they can actually do that.

Social Media Marketing

Ah, you knew this was coming! Social Media Marketing is one of the best and most cost effective ways to expand your audience reach, mostly because it grows like a tree once you sow the seeds. Once someone shares a photo/video/link, it starts appearing on their friends’ timelines too. Then they might share it, and this goes on until your link becomes viral. Social media, if used correctly, can not only help a business expand its reach, it can also provide many other amenities to businesses which helps them lower costs while increasing productivity. For example, a small business can make use of the page option to directly connect with the customers and page followers, making a PR department redundant.

FAQ Section

Non-SEO folk may not be aware of this, but Google has quite silently implemented a new algorithm known as “Hummingbird”, which optimizes its search queries for questions. This was done to aid their Android voice search program, with which a user can directly ask questions like “Where is the nearest grocery store” and the algorithm will track down his current coordinates and display those within proximity. Websites will certainly benefit from having a FAQ section, whose questions can be matched with a user’s query.

Location or Niche

Now suppose you are looking for ways to properly clean your gun or something along those lines. You search for it on Google and a number of results pop up, of which there’s a wiki-how page along with a dedicated gun forum with a web address such as ‘allaboutguns’. Which one would you rely on to provide you relevant and correct information as opposed to general? Of course the latter! And that’s what you need to do; optimize your webpage to cater to a particular location or niche.

Mobile Optimization

A few years ago, mobile browsing was a joke, and desktops were still the dominant device for browsing the depths of the internet. Today, however, mobile devices are on the rise, which means you need to modify your webpage to cater to a new domain; mobile users. How can you do this? Easy! Look at the technical specifications; what is the truncation word limit for smart phone screens? Keep your Meta title under that, make it short and impacting.


In the end, when you think about it all with a clear mind, marketing a product and getting traffic to your website is all about one thing; understanding the users. Once you know what attracts them, you can use it to better your online presence. So how do you do that? Simple; just look at the statistics! What are the most prominent keywords that are used in relation to your product? What are the time periods for highest activity levels? The answers to these could be procured through web analytical tools such as Google and Facebook.