Web design trends change as rapidly as night changes into day, and as a web developer, you must know the current trends in order to facilitate your clients. Even as a business owner or the owner of an e-commerce store, you must know the latest website design trends in order to update yourself and maximize on the advantages of an eye catching, attention grabbing website. In case you are already aware, here are some web design trends that are currently popular:

1. Personality Typography

Typography is going to see a change this year. With more and more web designers exploring personality typography. It is more about boldness, personality, and color rather than plain old text. While you do not have to go overboard with it, you can play around with fonts yet keep it professional on your website, but the focus is to grab attention and make an impression on the reader.

2. Flat Design

Apple has already shown us how a flat website design with a splash of colors feels smooth and is more interactive. This year, flat design is all the rage among web designers. A flat user interface allows maximum interactivity and simplicity, and with a touch of colors, it really makes the website stand out. This year it is all about flat UIs and it is going to stay that way for a long time to come.

3. Video with Written Content

Video content is fast gaining acceptance on websites as business and consumers both realize it is much better to watch something than read it. It is becoming cheaper to produce videos, and this website design trend will seemingly stay with us for at least the rest of the year.

4. Long Scrolling

Why make your viewers search for stuff on your website when you can provide everything on a single page. Called long scrolling, this is one trend that is holding its own this year. It allows consumers to view each page by scrolling down vertically and many websites have incorporated it already.

5. Scroll Out Sidebars

The trend of sidebars on each website page is fast becoming old and replaced with scroll out compact sidebars. It gives website owners more space to work with and sidebars only pop out as and when needed.

6. Mobile Access

More users are now accessing websites through their mobiles, tablets, and other related technologies so a heavier focus is to develop websites optimized for mobile use. The focus is to develop user-friendly websites, which will run smoothly from a mobile set while also integrating all kinds of social media to share content.

7. Simpler Colors

Where typography is going bold and has room for experiment this year, website colors are going simpler and that means just one or two colors. Most websites have also gone color free, or single tone with just a tinge of another color. The main focus this year remains to grab attention and create drama to engage your users. This could be with a bold font, adding videos, incorporating a sleeker user interface design or anything else. The choice is endless when it comes to new web design trends to choose from for your website.