Having a professionally designed logo should be every small business owner’s priority since it is a major part of their brand identity. However, it can also be costly so it’s important that you spend your time and money wisely.

To help you get started, here are some logo design tips for small businesses which you can apply immediately or during a brainstorming session with your team:

Logo Design Tips for Small Businesses

Use your product/company name

Sure, there are tons of possibilities in creating an artistic logo design.

For small businesses, it’s ideal to use text and symbols into the logo for branding so people will be able to associate it with your business. It may be nice to have just a symbol or emblem, but if you’re just starting out, it will be difficult for people to identify your brand, business name, and products/services. The big guys in business (e.g. Nike, McDonalds, Shell, Chevron, etc.) use logos that are easily identifiable since they’ve been around for decades.

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Less is more

If you’ve been eyeing an elaborate logo design for your business, try to weigh the pros and cons. It’s not your flashy logo that potential customers want to see. If they see this at first glance, they might think you are prioritizing the wrong things.

Think minimalist – ‘less is more’ as they say – but make it eye-catching and easy to remember, so people can identify your business and be able to share it as well.

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Make a readable logo

One of the main goals for having a logo is to make your business name and products/services known and remembered by customers. Customers should easily read your logo without squinting.

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Avoid costly market research (e.g. focus groups)

Make sure you have a ‘working’ business in place and ensure that the product/service you offer is useful to people. If you’re not yet at this stage, avoid splurging on market research tactics just to assess the viability of your new business and logo. Market research such as focus groups are costly, time-consuming, and are likely inaccurate. At the end of the day, it’s still your call and no one else’s.

Look for affordable quality logo design services

Let’s face it, not everyone is born with a designer’s eye and skill. Let the professionals do it for you, instead of you tinkering and spending sleepless nights just to come up with a logo.

It will definitely cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to get the perfect business logo, but you are paying for skill and experience here. So, look for affordable quality logo design services that will work with you from start to finish. Collaboration and coordination are essential to conceive, plan, and develop a unique logo for your business.

Don’t fiddle with it

Once you have a logo, restrain yourself from fiddling with it. Tweaking the design will be a waste of time and money. And honestly, your customers don’t focus on your logo, but on your products and other offerings.

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A professionally made logo doesn’t have to be an elaborate one, but just the right balance of style, text, and/or symbol. And always remember that logos are primarily for branding. Your products/services are far more important and should always be able to deliver the needs of your customers.