A website has become a necessity for all types of online and offline businesses. Before, people used to rely only on their brick-and-mortar stores in getting customers. But times have changed as more and more customers go online prior to making a decision to purchase.

Customers are savvier and smarter than ever since there’s technology at their disposal. Each potential customer has his own reason to search online via small business websites. But the most common is to check and see what the product is about – may it be through the product description on the website itself or through product reviews.

Harnessing these realities – the growing number of the savvy customers and the need for online presence – can only be done by providing a professionally designed website for your small business.

Why should you choose a professional web designer?

A professionally designed business website is more appealing to visitors. This is your storefront; therefore, you have to make a good impression right away in order for visitors to stay and browse, and eventually purchase from you. And of course, you don’t have to deal with costly mistakes that can hamper your website’s success.

If you are inexperienced with website design and development and you plan on going the DIY route, there’s a possibility of ending up with an amateurish website. Stop at this moment and consider these top 10 reasons to hire a web designer:

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1. You’ll end up with a real professional website and not a DIY or homemade one

The work of a professional web designer is based on years of experience, skill, tools, and continuous learning. If you have no hands-on experience in web design, it’s best to leave it to the pros to help you build your dream business website.

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2. Professional also means experienced and skilled

As mentioned above, skills and experience are essential in order to carry out the work with flying colors. This applies to any type of creative project, so only choose a web design made by someone who’s competent.


3. Professional web designers have the right tools and resources

A website that’s built for small business requires more than just the design itself. The web designer working on your site has the necessary tools and resources including other experts to help him in building an optimized business website for you.

SEO experts, web developers, content creators, and social media marketing strategists are either in-house or commissioned to accomplish the project. You’ll find affordable website design services for small businesses that have all of these resources and tools, and you don’t have to pay a fortune if you need one.


4. They have a plan and process in place

Website-building requires step-by-step process in order to be successful. It starts with collaboration with you (the business owner), so the designer will have a basis for the design and strategy.

A typical web design process includes planning, strategy, design, build, testing, launch, and reporting. A timeline is also common to document each step from start to finish.

reasons to hire a web designer


5. You save time and money

Attempting to go the DIY route, hiring a graduating IT student, and/or hiring a freelance web designer on Craigslist are sure ways to spend more time and money on your website. Time is important and you cannot afford to lose more by going through these routes.

A professional web designer cuts the time and money spent because there’s a solid process, skill, and strategy involved. Typically, a website is finished and ready for launch after two months – enabling you to gain online customers and make sale in the shortest possible time.


6. You’ll get a unique business website

No two websites, even in the same industry, are identical. This is one of the main reasons to hire a professional web designer since customization is the norm and ideal for building your brand identity.

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7. Your website will be appealing and user-friendly to people

Using the right tools and expertise in identifying your target customers, web designers are able to design websites based on what people are looking for. The right color theme, layout, and content are just three of the many elements that make up a user-friendly web design.


8. It will also be search engine-friendly

Aside from creative elements, web designers know how to build websites that follow the strict guidelines of search engines. Elements such as SEO plug-ins and optimized content are incorporated into the design and functionality of your website to ensure that search engines will find you online.


9. You’ll be more trustworthy in the eyes of your potential customers

A professionally designed website is built with the customers in mind. A web designer is able to use imagery and text that convey trustworthiness to people who visit your website – letting them know that there’s a human being behind the storefront who’s worth doing business with.


10. You’ll gain credibility

The web is an even playing field for both big and small businesses. Anyone has a shot at acquiring online customers, provided that they have the right elements in place. A professional website is your ticket to compete online with the big guns since both can appear credible in the eyes of potential customers.


Having an online presence is the best decision you will make if you want to take your small business a step further. By choosing affordable website design services for small businesses, you’ll be able to accomplish this without spending too much time and money in the process.