What makes an effective corporate web design? And why is it important to pay more attention to your website?

Your website plays an important role in generating leads, sales, brand visibility, and more. It also plays a key role in evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaign through analytics. Since your website is the hub of your digital marketing, you need to make sure that your website has these essentials in order to generate better results for your business.

Here the 5 things that your corporate web design must have in order to be more effective:

corporate web design


Examples of some great corporate website design

Check out some of the websites below to understand how effective corporate website design can be:

  • The website of Levi Strauss & Co. Imparts a strong sense of history and tradition to its visitors. With a click on a photo, you get to know about the defining moments of the company. It acts as excellent icebreaker and draws the customer in.
  • The website of Starbucks is a beauty in design. It pays unusually close attention to hierarchy. Navigation is especially easy and you often have an alternative if you do not want to be on the current page. This is a highly customer friendly feature that is much appreciated.
  • The Canadian website of Sony includes short films where people relate how using Sony products have changed their lives. You can sort these stories according to categories with the help of a floating meter. It is brilliant designing as it manages to arrest the attention of the visitor at once.