It’s one thing to invest your money into Facebook’s advertising, it’s also smart to try other budget-free tactics. So, how exactly do we get those likes, shares or mentions and also maintain it? You have to remember, social media marketing is a long-term investment. Success takes time, hard work and patience. So let’s get started without any money spent!

#1 Be Open

Authenticity is the best way to go. Sharing behind-the-scenes photos engages more from the online community because it helps your company look more interesting and humanized. You might not go on company trips often to share “vacation goal” pictures – or none at all, but something as simple as sharing lunchtime at the office or an after hour party is interesting to the public eye. This proves that if you’re somewhat relatable, it’ll hook you up with new fans.

#2 Talk to your followers

If someone posted on the page wall, or commented on your post, respond appropriately to them! A simple thank you works very well if someone commented a compliment. When negativity surfaces on your page, be sure to use discretion in responding back. You wouldn’t want your brand’s reputation to be tarnished over it, and avoid having your employees act on behalf of the company and get into a heated debate. A positive flow of interaction between the company and Facebook followers is important.

#3 Getting the right tone!

Voice and tone on social media is crucial to pay attention to. It’s a way to humanize your brand and let you partake in conversations easily. So after defining who your target market is, start thinking and talking like them! Like us over at destinedigital, our target audience are online business starters. So our content that focuses a lot on marketing ideas or web design, are set to a professional persona because we want to be taken seriously as rookies with an occasional whimsical tone to lighten up the scene!    

#4 Post original content

If your very own content is share-worthy, your page gets to travel with it when a fellow Facebook user shares it. This would captivate new followers who are curious to the original curator of the post and check out your page. If they like your stuff a lot, they’ll stick around and Like your page! The hard part is knowing what post engages the most. So observe which type of posts that is related to your brand but also has that virality quality in it.

#5 Networking

Using your Facebook page, go ahead and make friends with other pages who has the same demographics as you aim too. Get in touch with their page manager and work out a business arrangement. Maybe ask to be their guest blogger sometime. Comment thoughtfully on other pages and share some of their content too. A little win-win situation can be applied in the social media world, so use it to the fullest extent.

#6 Send out Facebook invites

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want to bother your friends on Facebook about your new page. “They’re friends, not customers” Hold on, your friends could be your biggest supporters, they’re probably really resourceful too. Or maybe utilize your customer contact list. Get in touch with them about your Facebook page, and invite them to like. Nothing bad about a friendly invite.

#7 Add page to email signature

This is a no brainer. You send out TONS of email everyday as a business person, so make your Facebook page a part of your business card.

#8 Balance your posts

Bombarding your fan’s timeline with random posts will make them hit the “unlike” button very fast, but don’t let your page be a ghost town either with barely any updates. So be sure to have a strategy in place to post content. Check your Insights to see when most of your fans are online and target those peak hours to post your content. Another idea is to do the complete opposite and post when most of your audience is offline. The idea works on the assumption that when there’s little being shared online, your content is most likely to stand out. So experiment with either one, and see which helps out the most in growing your organic Facebook reach.

#9 Promote

Never. Stop. Mentioning. Your Facebook. Page. Put the like button on your website, mention it on the air, print it on your business cards, and all through other social media accounts. Even your personal ones. Drive the public to your fan page and push forward your website as well. This will ensure a continuous exposure of your brand both online and offline.

#10 Ask and share

A short and conversational question does the trick, but also make sure it encourages answers that are more than a “yes” or “no”. It doesn’t have to be related to your products, because the point here is to show that you are simply interested in hearing from your audience. Ask for your fan’s opinion about the latest news is a good idea. After that, share their comments on your website or your page. People love to see their opinions being mattered, and it prompts those who aren’t interacting to your page yet to do so. Consequently, Facebook interactivity grows and your following expands!

Maintaining a strong relationship with your followers is vital. Hence, while building your Facebook page, be relaxed and relevant. Don’t rush into things and start pumping out updates for every hour, it’ll push away quality followers. Quality and consistency is important too to keep the quality followers. Lastly, keep this in mind – those that aren’t buying your brand today already know your brand when they need to make a purchase later.