Do you think that social media marketing is overrated and not worth it? You might be missing a lot if you still persist in using the traditional marketing and advertising approaches. In fact, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become more than just a social networking app as they allow business owners to track the latest trends among consumers and get in direct contact with them. They also allow businesses to get the exposure they need to grow. According to HubSpot, 92% of marketers in 2014 said that social media marketing has helped their business grow and attracted more traffic to their website. Social media marketing, if done properly, can be a very powerful tool to help you expand your market and reach out to a wider audience.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should be prioritizing your social media marketing efforts:


  1. To build a strong relationship with existing and potential consumers


Getting in touch with your consumers on a daily basis is number one priority for any business. This interaction allows business owners to adjust their marketing strategies according to the needs and preferences of their consumers. Remember that what’s special about social media is that it makes companies more humanized. Thus, make sure you use a friendly language when you respond to your consumers’ questions and comments. Hence, consumers will feel that their feedbacks are valued which will result in a strong relationship between the company and the consumers.

Building a strong relationship will result in increasing brand loyalty and attracting more potential consumers. In a research conducted by Pew Internet, a huge increase was found in the use of social media by young adults. This result indicates that new groups of consumers could be targeted every day. As a business owner or a digital marketer, you should take advantage of the different social media tools to convert existing and potential consumers into being brand loyal.


  1. Increase conversion rate


Every post, video, and an image you share on your social media is a chance for consumers to take an action and convert to visiting your site or buying your product. Therefore, it is your job to make every interaction on social media a valuable one, a one that will positively affect your consumers and persuade them to take a further action. The more positive impact you leave in the mind of consumers, the faster they will react to your posts. Keep in mind that a high number of followers on social media equals to trust and credibility so increasing conversion rate starts from building a storing audience platform on social media.


  1. Increase your search engines’ ranking


Another important reason for using social media marketing is to increase your ranking on Google and other search engines. Driving more traffic to your social media pages will allow them to get a higher ranking on different search engines.


  1. Keep your customers up-to-date with your products and services


Using various social media platforms will allow your consumers to stay updated with your products and service. Spreading information through Social media is faster than any of the traditional media platforms such as Newspapers or TV. The most important thing you get from social media is awareness. Social media marketing is able to increase your brand recognition and educate consumers about the benefits of the products and services that you provide. You can also use your social media platforms to announce your upcoming events or promotions.


  1. Increase your sales


Social media marketing has the power to increase sales. According to a research done by Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, the majority of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it is recommended by friends and family. Therefore, building a positive brand image on social media through the reviews of satisfied consumers will result in more consumers purchasing your products. Increasing your visibility on social media will definitely contribute to the increase in sales.


It is important to note that, applying a wrong social media marketing strategy could be damaging to your business’s reputation and it is even worse than having no strategy at all. Also, selecting the right platform that suits your business needs is a key to success. Lastly, the impact of all your social media marketing efforts might not be immediately obvious, therefore, consistency in your social media marketing strategy is critical.