A lot of business owners are struggling to scale their businesses in Brunei and in many parts of the world. Executing a successful social media marketing campaign entails a lot of details that are mostly overlooked. Just like advertising on traditional media such as magazines and newspapers, deciding which channel to broadcast and which audience to target should be the first step in any successful marketing campaign. Likewise, your presence on social media should be strategically planned and your objective should also be clearly outlined. There are general social media marketing tips that you can start implementing for your business in Brunei, no matter the industry. The following are 6 essential social media marketing tips for business owners and entrepreneurs:


  1. Upload as much content as possible


This tip only works when you are just getting started on social media. In order to build a strong presence and visibility, you need to upload as much content as you can and as consistently as possible. Just like when you open a new shop, you need to get your consumers overwhelmed with information about your business. Take note that your content should answer at least 3 main questions: what do you do? what are the rewards that consumers will get from you? And how would you deal with consumers’ complaints?

By indirectly answering these questions in your content, consumers will start taking an action towards your services.


  1. Be consistent

One of Daniel Moravec’s advises is to post consistently on all your social media platforms. Being inactive on one platform will decrease your chance of attracting more consumers. “If you have a full-time social media employee, make sure they are consistent and push out content across all of your social media profiles. There are several pieces of automation software, like Hootsuite, that offer a free plan that can greatly increase your efficiency. If you schedule your posts in advance it gives you more time to dedicate to replying and engaging with your social media followers,” advises Daniel Moravec of StreetSaw.


  1. Localize your brand


It is important to make your brand resonates with your consumers’ cultural values and standards. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to trust a brand that speaks their language and appreciates their culture. Try to show a glimpse of the Bruneian culture in your content, this could be done by featuring local Brunei models or by reminding your consumers of the great heritage of Brunei.


  1. Learn from others


Following your competitors’ social media accounts will help you monitor their success and understand the preferences of different consumers. You can also dedicate time to learn from marketing experts. There are hundreds of YouTube channels that teach you all the tips and tricks of a successful social media marketing strategy. Check our previous article: 5 digital marketing YouTube channels every marketer should learn from.


  1. Make use of statistics


Social media statistics can guide your efforts so that they won’t go in vain. There are general statistics that every marketer and business owner should be aware of, this article provides many statistics and information about the users and usage’s statistics of several platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

In addition, you can also take advantage of the free analytical tools provided by some social media platforms such Facebook insights. Watch out your engagement rate, and do not focus too much on vanity metrics such as the number of followers and likes. The engagement rate is what you need to monitor, especially if you’re a beginner. Another way to get sufficient data on your engagement rate is to use a URL shorteners to direct your audience to your website. URL shorteners are often provided with a measuring track that allows you to know how successful was the post in driving traffic to your website.


  1. Save your time and schedule your posts in advance


Investing in a scheduling tool will save you the time and the hustle of posting regularly on social media. Choose one of the scheduling tools that are available online such as, Social sprout, Buffer or Hootsuite. These tools will also help you measure your success as they provide weekly statistics that could be beneficial to you.

Many business owners get disappointed when they do not see the results they expected. You have to accept the fact that each platform has many capabilities that you are not aware of. If the results are not satisfying, try to post more regularly, or seek advice from experts.