More than 400 million users are active on LinkedIn, finding cost-effective ways to promote their business. LinkedIn is known to be one of the main social networking site for business owners, freelancers and job seekers. Other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter do not offer business opportunities as LinkedIn does. The following 5 ways can help you utilize the full advantage of this great social networking site.

  1. Use ProFinder tool to get help from qualified experts

Not many people have heard of the ProFinder tool of LinkedIn. It is a great tool that helps you find professionals and freelancers in your niche. All you have to do is to request a service by submitting a description of your business nature and the type of service you need from professionals. ProFinder will match your request with nearby experts in your field. You will receive few pitches from professional and experts who are interested to join your project.

  1. Hosting an event on LinkedIn

Hosting an event on LinkedIn will not only increase your brand awareness but also generate more leads. LinkedIn requires you to fill in few forms before starting the event. Once these forms are done you can start inviting as many influencers as you want. The objective of hosting an event is to make your brand visible to potential clients and also among top influencers.

  1. Post content regularly


Posting insightful content on LinkedIn is a great way to strengthen your brand identity. This content will represent your brand name and carries the essence of your company. Therefore, posting meaningful articles or contents is definitely a good way to make yourself recognized by other companies. Also, encouraging your employees to post is beneficial as they might also have different viewpoints that can bring more leads.

  1. Tag connections in your contents


Before posting your articles or contents, make sure you tag important connections so that your post can get more exposure. By tagging top connection you will ensure that they are notified of your updates. However, tagging many connections at one time might be annoying, only tag those who are relevant to your content or update.

  1. Use LinkedIn recommendation


One of the most important tools is to use LinkedIn recommendation. LinkedIn allows your consumers to recommend you which in return increases your brand visibility. Remember that, consumers make purchasing decisions based on recommendations. So, make use of this tool for more exposure and validation.

LinkedIn offers many more marketing opportunities for freelancers and business owners. It is not just a resume-displaying site anymore. It is perfect for small businesses and retailers who are looking for low budget marketing opportunities. You can use LinkedIn to build your brand awareness, widen your client base and also seek help from professionals. Using the right LinkedIn tool can help you promote your business and establish a strong client base that will definitely help your business to grow.