A few years back, lead generation was achieved through traditional ways such as filling in forms at the back of the magazine. Nowadays, it is much easier and quicker. Generating leads on social media is all about videos, gated content and paid advertisements.

In order to understand why generating leads is important, we need to explain first that leads are passive consumers who have the potential to become paying consumers. Generating leads will help you gather more information about your target audience, and what kind of products you can sell to them. The next step after setting up your social media accounts is to think how to turn these accounts into lead generation tools. Below, we have summarized 8 tips that are very easy to implement on your social media for busy business owners, so continue reading for more details.


  1. Run a contest


Contests are interesting, especially if valuable prizes are being offered. you can draw a lot of attention to your brand through contests. However, running a contest that will eventually generate leads is much more complicated than that. Try to offer samples of your products as a prize. This way you will get only interested potential consumers who will eventually turn into leads. Offering valuable prizes will attract many people and you only need qualified leads. So, the best way is to limit your prizes to avoid freebies seekers.


  1. Create a custom tab


In order to turn your visitor into leads, Facebook allows you to create a custom tab. There are many websites that help you make a Facebook custom tab for free, pagemodo, for example, is one of them. This website offers several tab options for generating leads, including contact forms, contests, and promotions.


  1. Track your brand hashtags/mentions

On both Facebook and Twitter, you can easily track what people are saying about you. Tracking your hashtags or mentions is important to monitor your brand image as well as your position in the market. You can also track your competitors brand names so that you won’t miss a chance to generate leads.



  1. Check your Instagram comments


Although Instagram is an image-oriented application, you still need to check the comments you get on your photos or videos. Consumers will appreciate your quick response to their inquiries or comments which in return encourage them to buy your products.


  1. Special offers

Consider having a sweepstake or giveaways on social media every once in a while. By introducing an entry or contact form you will make sure you get the leads you want.  This is a guaranteed tip to generate leads because everyone loves giveaways and this is the type of content that consumers enjoy sharing.


  1. Surveys and polls

Another easy way to generate leads is through polls and surveys. It is also a great way to get an honest opinion from your consumers about your service/products. Based on consumers’ response, you can adjust your content to meet their needs.


  1. Discount codes

Offer your consumers a limited-time discount code on different social media platforms. By assigning different codes for each social media platform you can easily track which platforms have attracted more consumers.


  1. Host a live video

Hosting a live video is a great way to interact with your consumers and generate leads. One way to generate leads through live videos is to ask your consumers to answer questions or give their feedback about a certain product so that you can measure your brand recognition. For example, check Hootsuite’s participation in the #TwitterSmarter tweet chat.


Social media is a great tool to build a strong brand image. However, when it comes to turning passive consumers into leads, unfortunately, many options won’t work as good as the rest. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which strategy you follow, at the end, it has to suit your consumers’ preferences. Again, follow the strategy that works best for your consumers and keep repeating it whenever possible. If you have any lead generation strategies that were not mentioned in this article, share them with us in the comments below.