When you are thinking of making your own business website, you may see a lot of technical terms which you feel are beyond your understanding, for instance, web design and web development. A lot of people feel that web design and web development are the same thing, and they cannot be more wrong. This article will help you get a basic idea about the differences between web design and web development.

  1. The web development is a complete process of making a website, it is the set of steps which needs to be completed separately by professional agencies to make your website functional. Web designing is just one aspect of web development. Web development requires a lot of technical know-how along with expertise and efficiency. Web designing concerns the designing of the web pages, where the individual icons will be, how the navigation should be, where the search box needs to be, which background image to use, the color of the fonts, and so on.
  1. Web development involves in understanding which servers you need to use, what the source code for your website needs to be, which computer language you are going to adopt for making your website, how will you have your website hosted, the creative content that should be put and so on. Of course, the designing aspect of your website is also a part of the web developmental process. You can however make some plans beforehand regarding the design of your website prior to the completion of the web development process.
  1. You must have some mental structure framed up regarding your business website which you must convey to the web development agency. You need to work on both the design as well as the functionality of your website with your team. Always insist on original and creative ideas regarding the graphics and the textual content which you would like to put up on your website. Use your imagination in setting the parameters required for this purpose.
  1. Your website has to be social media ready, in today’s world it is of utmost importance that your website has easy options for people to share the posts and the contents there on their own social media pages. The designing aspect has to take account of this important requirement.

Hopefully, now you understand the differences between web design and web development and how they can impact your business website. So without waiting anymore, start building your website soon and generate more revenues.