5th February 2020, Polytechnic Brunei – BizDigital Sdn Bhd was given the honour of giving a talk about Digital Marketing and Content Strategy to a group of 21 Polytechnic Brunei Students.

In the talk, Iqmal Janudin focused more on Content Strategy, how a strategy helps to generate more content by providing a flow when using our creative juices. This is especially useful for business-related academics such as Polytechnic Brunei. This helps the Polytechnic Brunei students get a gist on the working process of a Small-Medium Enterprise.

At the second half of the talk, Ann Mudin presented on the differences in internet marketing, E-marketing and digital marketing. Educating about the fundamentals of digital marketing to the Polytechnic Brunei students.

polytechnic brunei marketing venn diagram
Internet Marketing is the core of both E-Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Internet marketing is more of a general term, anything that you see online is considered as internet marketing. 

Whether the side banner ads you see when you’re streaming for your favourite k-drama or the small clip of Raid Shadow Legends when you watch a vlog on YouTube.

These types of ads are considered as Internet Marketing.

However, this definition is not to be confused with E-marketing.

E-marketing is specific to certain mediums. It refers to the use of media that is accessible through the Internet. The tools that these mediums provide are the ones used for e-marketing an example would be the direct messages on Instagram. 

Finally, we move on to digital marketing.

Any tech-based marketing is considered as digital marketing examples of this would be the use of electronic billboards, social media marketing, mass email marketing and the sort. 

Polytechnic brunei learns marketing gif
How the students felt after the informational talk. GIF was taken from GIPHY

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At the end of the presentation, the Polytechnic Brunei students were tested with the new knowledge that was bestowed upon them by our incredibly skilled marketers.

polytechnic marketing quiz brunei
Ann startling the students with a surprise pop quiz. GIF was taken from GIPHY.

The top 3 winners were given digital vouchers for them to use for their start-up company.

polytechnic brunei marketing bizdigital
Ann Mudin presenting Digital Voucher to one of the winners of the quiz.

Here is what our Head of Marketing had to say on the talk:

“Such a great experience being able to talk about what could benefit these rising entrepreneurs from Polytechnic Brunei with their startup businesses. To challenge, motivate and encourage the students to be the best versions of themselves, to push their businesses to its fullest potential is something that we at BizDigital are really keen on doing, and by giving this talk on Digital Marketing and Content Strategy we hope to achieve exactly that.
Introducing powerful tools that could really help grow their businesses is one of the key parts that we have presented, so we’re excited to see what’s to come from these startups.”

-Ann Mudin, Senior Digital Marketer

We would like to give our sincerest thanks to Polytechnic Brunei for giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge with future entrepreneurs.

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