Save lives by just simply working from home.

What started as an abnormal case showing similarity to pneumonia late last year in China, the virus has now spread in every part of the world, Brunei included. The authorities are taking precautionary measures such as limiting mass gatherings, no dining-in for restaurants and shining the light of the importance of working from home.

How Do I Even Work At a Home?

no one at office because everyone work from home
Don’t be that guy who missed out on the memo. GIF from GIPHY

Yes, at this very moment it is more than important that whatever you do, you must stay at home. I know it feels weird to be productive at a home-y surrounding but we have to adapt to the current situation.

“Dear Iqbal,

I am writing to you today due the recent events of COVID-19. This is a really serious matter, we urge you to work from home starting from today until all of this subsides, hope you understand.

Your Nice Boss.

A lot of things must have been running through your mind when you received an email from your employers that you are obligated to not come to work.

  • How am I supposed to manage all my work without my schedule?
  • This house can be too distracting and I won’t be able to work peacefully.
  • I have meetings this week, how am I supposed to meet them?

What you didn’t consider when you received that email:

  • I don’t need to wear my formal attire to work.
  • No more rushing to go to work despite waking up a bit later.
  • My co-workers onwards are my partner and si comel.

Optimizing Work From Home Experience!

Now that you’re looking at the positive end of ‘work from home’, it’s time to optimize the experience until who knows when!

Working from home has its benefit, maybe you just don’t know it yet.

Remove the shirt and start wearing T-shirts.

This mostly applies to corporations and big businesses where you have a certain dress code to follow. Being home excludes you from being all too formal, wear something comfortable at your current workplace, nice to be a rebel once a while.

To your stations!

Man setting up home office for work from home
Almost the same with my workstation beside the blue-haired lady at the back. GIF from GIPHY

Before you start your work, imagine where you want to set up your workstation. If you have more than one then it’s up to you.

Now, set everything from your monitor to your coaster and don’t forget to take a picture for your stories to let other people know that you are working and not procrastinating.

On a serious note, if you’ve set it up already then awesome job!

Here is a video on setting up your workspace.

Thomas Frank breaks down on work from home environments.

I’ll video call you instead.

Today’s agenda is to not meet offline.

Being a teacher, sales representative or any other job that requires verbal interaction with a group of people is quite a challenge at this very moment.

Of course, there are ways to solve this issue. One of which is to create an online meeting group using various apps such as Skype or Zoom. Now you can have meetings straight from home.

Recently the stocks for Zoom has actually increased due to work from home.

Don’t Forget to Take Breaks.

This is quite ironic but don’t forget to take breaks AT THE COMFORTS OF YOUR HOME.

Schedule yourself, set a time limit and know when you should be turning away from the keyboard.

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People tend to be engrossed when they want to finish a task, working from home is no exception. Clock in and clock out, as usual, you’re not working overtime!

Whether you work, study or attend meetings from home it only reminds us that a lot of our problems can be solved if we only adapt. A lot of tools are in our disposal, it’s amazing how one can stay being productive even in different surroundings.

Now you’re all set for days perhaps weeks for working from home and we hope that this blog is of benefit to you!