Content Writing

Here at BizDigital Sdn Bhd, we believe in the power of Content Marketing.If we are to define it clearly, content marketing is the creation of online materials that is not directly intended to promote a brand but instead to stimulate interest in the products and services that your brand offers.

In other words, you are creating contents that can be related to the needs of your audiences.

Our team of professionals are driven towards creating the most relevant content for your website that will most definitely relate to your target audience. We believe that a good content can evoke emotions in our audience and that is how our content marketing service is built here at BizDigital Sdn Bhd. Let us help build a better customer relationship for your audience through great content!



In order to create an impactful content, the copywriter and client will work together to understand the tone and style of the content and the emotions that they want to create through the content.


Once the copywriter has understood what the client wants, they will start on the drafting stage. This is where they plan and structure their work in order to cater it to the needs of the client.


The writing stage takes up to 2-3 weeks, depending on the kind of content that needs to be written. This is where the copywriter craft the structure, tone and style of the content.


The revision stage is where we get feedbacks from our clients. We offer up to 3 major revisions before finalising the content.


Once the client is satisfied, we will deliver the final content to them for their marketing and branding needs.

Why is Content Writing effective?

Drives Brand Loyalty

A great content will increase your brand’s credibility and drive more people into your website. If you can create a compelling story, you will be able to persuade people to trust your brand even more. This will definitely differentiate you from your competitors and make your brand even more unique.

Subtle Marketing

Rather than creating a series of promotional messages that will only bore people away, you are creating content that people can actually read and relate to. This is a great marketing strategy as you are not forcing your audience to buy, instead you are asking them to engage with your content.

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