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The building of a website usually undergoes three important steps. Each of these steps are crucial in order to create a product that will be effective in developing the brand’s identity and impact to the public.



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The planning state determines what user will do on the site.

A web developer will work closely with the client and other developers to plan the structure and core concepts of the site. This phase is ideal in planning how the various pages and components of the site will link to one another (sitemap) thus, guiding the client on how to interact and work around the site once it’s running.


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The design stage determines how the website will turn out visually.

This includes the colour palette, typography, page width, image placement and every little detail on the site that is visible to the eyes. Typically, a mockup of the page and the components of the site is created in Photoshop by a designer.


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This is the most important part of the process! This is the stage where our developers will spend most of their time and energy to create the final site.

For most modern sites, the development process is divided into three main processes:

Application Logic

The developer must understand and utilise the connection between the site and the database that powers it.


This is where the mockup that was created earlier is used by the developer to recreate the look by utilising the basic building blocks of HTML and CSS.


This is where the coding process starts – by connecting the back-end work of building the site with the front-end pages that will be accessed by the users.

Perks of having your own website


A website is a long-term investment for your brand. It saves your time, money and keep your brand up-to-date with the digital industry.

Accessible 24/7

The fact that your website is running 24/7, you don’t have to worry about losing a potential customer anymore.


You are giving ease to your customers. This is a great customer service and definitely something all brands should maintain.


When you have a responsive website that is well maintained, people will likely trust your brand.

Miscellaneous Page Speed Optmization

Speed is one of the determining factor of whether a site provides a successful user experience or not. Without a proper page loading speed, user experience drops drastically – imagining yourself waiting up to 10 seconds to load a page.

Thus, we decided to came out with page speed optimization service, to ensure all our clients website are properly optimized in terms of speed, and as well as Google’s requirement. We used insights from google, to determine the page speed results, with data obtained from gtmetrix.com as well.

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